The Thirsting Sands

Good morning folks!

I missed posting about last weekend’s adventure The Amulet of the Planes, during which our heroes went to the bottom of the ocean, fought some ghost pirates and returned with the item in question. It was a good time.

This coming weekend we go the complete opposite way and our adventurers will be heading to the Thirsting Sands, a weird and inhospitable desert, to attempt to retrieve a living Howler for our Lady’s menagerie.

Who knows what terrible things await in this arid desert to destroy our adventurers? (Me. I know. Mwahahaha.)

Taking on this challenge will be:

Bombah, the tortle wizard played by Brandon Crum
Naia Hwanu-Na’ring, the firbolg cleric played by Krisi Erwin
Hela Retasfugyu, the dragonborn sorcerer, played by Jamie Fraser
Jobin, the halfling rogue, played by Jeremy Erwin
Reynard J. Goodfellow, the satyr bard, played by Dustin Hertel
Zinkayla, the firbolg druid, played by Jennifer Putnam.

Will they return victorious to claim glory and accolades from the Lady, or will the desert claim them?

Join us THIS WEEKEND at 10:00am Saturday morning New Zealand time (that’s Friday night for many of you) to find out. 😉

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