The Infiltrator’s Key

Good morning folks! I am so excited to announce that our series of DND adventure one shots, “The Gallant Horde” starts THIS weekend with The Infiltrator’s Key.

Our Lady Bellatrix has enlisted her guild of adventurers to venture into the Forest of Thessapar and retrieve an item known as The Infiltrator’s Key from the hoard of the green dragon, Irimai the Emerald Doom.

Taking on this challenge will be:

Bombah, the tortle wizard played by Brandon Crum
Eclipsis, the drow paladin played by Megan Frisina
Hela Retasfugyu, the dragonborn sorcerer, played by Jamie Fraser
Saeridyn, the wood elf monk, played by Kilnard Skye
Wasitum, the gnome druid, played by Lionel Blessig
Zinkayla, the firbolg druid, played by Jennifer Putnam.

Will they return victorious to claim glory and accolades from the Lady, or will they be melted into piles of acid?

Join us THIS WEEKEND at 10:00am Saturday morning New Zealand time (that’s Friday night for many of you) to find out. 😉

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