The Arena: Our Lady needs your assistance!

We have plans for a second season of the Arena, but we have a whole new system we want to fine-tune before we do it, and that may take a while with everything else going on in our lives right now.

I (Jax) am rather fond of one-shots. If you know anything about my writing, you’ll know that I am predominantly a short story writer. This translates to my DMing. I like short punchy tales. One-shots are my jam. So we were thinking, how could we incorporate a series of one-shots into the Arena universe?

And thus The Gallant Horde was born.

The idea behind The Gallant Horde goes back to when I was living in Wellington and running oneshots for my friends. The concept was a kind of Adventurers Guild the members of which could take on jobs and assignments and go off and complete them in one-shot sized chunks. It allowed for consistent characters, and character development, and all that good stuff without the obligation for the same group of people to be at every session.

We’ve basically just taken that concept and reskinned it for our purposes here. This means that you can join the Horde as a level five character, get involved in as many of the jobs as suits your inclination, life and schedule, level up and gain loot as you go, but it allows us a lot of flexibility regarding who is in each episode and when we run them. It also lets me run a series of oneshots within a frame that gives me loads of flexibility and opportunity to flex my weird and wonderful imagination. And, I hope, it will be fun to watch. 🙂

If this sounds like something for which you’d like to join us, here’s what you do:

Step 1: Create a D&D 5e Level 5 character.
You may use any stats generation you like, but if you roll high, I may ask for pictures, so remember to take shots of your dice. ;P I’m open to strange and wonderful variants, but if you’re using something obscure, maybe check in with me first. Your equipment should be starting equipment plus ONE UNCOMMON MAGICAL ITEM of your choice.
Step 2: Join our discord, if you haven’t already.
Step 3: Create art for said character. (Hero Forge‘s new colour mini gadget is really good for this! Just make the character and screenshot it, and then if you want an actual mini down the line, you already have one designed!)
Step 4: Send us an email with your character sheet, your art and your Discord Username so we can put you in our Gallant Horde channel. Please also include a couple of sentences introducing your character.

Once you’re in the channel, you can interact and liaise with other members to form parties to take on any one of the jobs the Lady has on her job board.

Parties should have six people in them, but apart from that, I am happy for you to mix and match as you wish. Once you have a party and have picked a job, contact the Master of Games (that’s me), and we’ll schedule a session.

Every job you complete will result in a level up, and boons and gold from the lady. Eventually, I’d like to create an online “Adventurer’s Shop” where you can spend your gold on items, but I haven’t quite got that far yet. Once some of you have some gold, I’ll make that happen. 🙂

Your character will be added to the Gallant Horde page, and we’ll add more info and stats about them as we go along.

You choose your level of involvement! I look forward to guiding many of you through various adventures.


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