Project JaxTech

When Adam and I moved in together, I had been working off a tiny, ancient laptop. He very kindly let me create a profile on his desktop and install the stuff I needed to make all my projects go.

Over the years we’ve shared this machine, I’ve gone from a few comparatively minor things, to some pretty hefty ones.

In that time, two very big things happened. One year, someone in the Critical Role fan community said in a fan Facebook group that it would be fun to have a Critter Secret Santa. At the time, I was doing some freelance stuff from home and my schedule was fairly flexible, and I thought to myself, I’m good at spreadsheets, how hard can it be? And Critter Gifting and Critmas was born.

That has now grown to be a community in its own right, and last Critmas saw 1600 people across the globe exchanging Critmas gifts. During the year we run a multitude of different exchanges. The group on Facebook has over 4000 members, and we’re looking at moving it off Facebook and taking it to a whole new level over the next year or so.

The second thing happened a year or so later. My kid told me about a holiday he had made up. I thought it was cute and posted about it on the internet and things went very crazy, and have never really settled down!

Wolfenoot has become a bit of an international phenomenon. In the grand scheme of things, it is still pretty small, but for someone trying to run it part time around my life while not having my own computer, it remains a challenge! Our Wolfenoot Central Facebook group cracked 23k this last Wolfenoot season, and continues to grow each year.

We raise money for charities, create merch, share stories and pictures of our animal buddies, and generally try very hard to put some beauty and wholesomeness back into the world.

On Adam’s end, his tiny little chainmail hobby has become a pretty successful side hustle, and Fallen Paladin Crafts now takes up a pretty hefty chunk of his time and energy.

We also started streaming on Twitch, running D&D games, reading literature, doing craft streams. Things have gotten busy!

Which brings me to the point of this post. I really need a computer of my own. We’ve been sharing one throughout all of this, but my admin load keeps growing, and it has reached a point where we frequently both need a machine with grunt at the same time.

And so, I bring you Project JaxTech.

We have three growing kids and simply won’t be able to set aside this kind of money any time soon. Most of the revenue our projects generate either go to charity or get ploughed right back in, so we don’t have much extra.

And so, I am reaching out to our communities and asking for your help. We need about NZ$2k to get a base rig for me. That is, a machine with enough grunt to manage Adobe and Microsoft. We have monitors, so that doesn’t include those. This machine is intended predominantly as an administrative office machine.

If we get more than that, we’ll upgrade the RAM on our existing machine, since it will remain the one we use for streaming. If we have enough to give it just a bit more juice for streaming that would be a lovely bonus, but it certainly isn’t vital at this point.

Anything above and beyond what we need for the tech will be put back into the projects, to help cover websites, marketing and so on.

We have the most astonishing, generous community. I try very hard not to ask for help for things like this, but this step will definitely benefit the communities too, so I am hoping very much you’ll be willing to help us out. We love you guys, and we really want to be able to do more, make more, and put more good into the world. But to do that, we really need this upgrade.

Thank you, in advance, for any help you can provide.

You can help/donate at our Sparabel Ko-fi. This goes directly into our paypal account, so there are minimal fees on our end, which means the bulk of what you give can go straight into our Tech Upgrade Fund.

Thank you, thank you, we love you. <3

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