Project JaxTech: An Update

Good morning loves!

Holy crap, you all came through in such a big way. We had a whole two week campaign planned out with giveaways and a special stream at the weekend, and you crazy folk turned this thing around in less than 24 hours.

I spent most of yesterday in a state of emotional whiplash. 😉

We sat down last night and put together a PBTech cart of a machine for me which is more than I could have dreamed of. I have a lot of feelings. I realised at some point during that, that this will be the first time in my life I have ever had a brand new desktop. Every other one I’ve had has been second hand or cobbled together. This is huge for me. Thank you so much, every single one of you who made this happen, and so quickly!!

But we still have all these giveaways planned, and I have a special stream planned for Saturday! So we figured we’d ride out the two weeks with a few smaller scale goals that, if we can hit them, would allow us to upgrade our existing system to really take our streaming to the next level.

These goals are, in order of importance:

  1. A new webcam! (The one we are using is a loaner, so it would be really helpful to have one of our own). Goal: $250
  2. A RAM upgrade, to make things a bit more speedy and help our computer’s brain deal with Roll20 and OBS and Spotify and etc all at once. 😉 Goal: $140
  3. A proper mic, to up the audio quality. (At the moment I just use the mic on my headset, which is fairly average.) Goal: $240
  4. A new case! Our one is ancient and dusty and desperately needs better airflow. Goal: $100

If we hit these within the two weeks, we’d be SET for streaming/admin tech for a while, I think! If things go higher than this anything else will be put into renewing domain names, upgrading websites (I really want to move our websites over to squarespace, having watched Adam build the Fallen paladin one over there over the last little while), and so forth.

I have updated the goal over at Ko-fi for the first of these, so if you’re interested in helping out, pop on over.

And now for the fun part!


We’ll be running a giveaway a little later today, with two parts. The first is a Fallen Paladin giveaway for these little beauties!

And the second is a Wolfenoot pack containing one of our 2020 Wolfenoot Pins, and a 2021 Wolfenoot Calendar.

If you dropped any donations at all into our Ko-fi since we announced this fund-raising project, you are already in this draw.

If you want to be in it, you can still pop a few dollars in now.

We’ll be doing more giveaways over the next two weeks as we hit our smaller stretch goals.

$250 Webcam: Giveaway: Another Fallen Paladin pack.
$140 RAM: Giveaway: A Patchwork Raven pack.
$240 Microphone: Giveaway: A Second Wolfenoot pack.
$100 Case: THREE giveaways, one of each – one FPC, one Raven, one Wolfenoot.

Everyone who has donated up to the point of each giveaway will be in the draw. That means the earlier you drop something in the tip jar, the more chances you have to win some of our loot. 😉

This is just a small way for us to thank the people who are helping us out with this thing.

Jax is not a Gamer

This Saturday morning, in the usual Arena timeslot, I will be once again dusting off ‘Jax is not a Gamer’, and finally trying out Stardew Valley on stream. I know very little about it but people keep telling me it is a game I would enjoy. I’ll be starting at 10am.

I’ll have a bunch of on-stream bits and pieces to give away, so please do join me at and watch me pretend to be a gamer. 😉

Again, thank you to everyone who has come through for us in this thing. It is humbling and mind-blowing. I love you all so much.

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