Fae Fatales

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“Of all the fairy rings, in all the worlds, she walks into mine.”

When gritty detectives meet shapeshifting dragons, when the gorgeous dame is an elf and the grifter is a selkie, that’s when you know you’re in deeper than you thought possible. In the shadowy streets of these stories, the dangers are more than just shooters and con-artists. Here, the bouncer might be an orc, the mark might be a centaur. Venture in at your own risk. Walk soft, carry a big gun, and keep a stone with a hole in it in your pocket.

Fae Fatales was Jax’s very first attempt at making a book. She has one box of them left, so is selling them at clearance price. Eventually, she may make a Patchwork Raven version of it but, in the meantime, you can get this little piece of history at a fraction of its usual cost. 🙂



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