Allusions of Innocence


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Allusions of Innocence, edited by Jax Goss, is an anthology of short stories aimed at adults containing smart, precocious child protagonists. Many of the stories in the book are very dark and twisted, though they run the gamut from horror to comedy.

The world of a child is not all innocence and sweetness. Children see the world differently to adults, slightly askew, somewhat less preconceived. They see the things adults have trained ourselves to miss. Their world is less explicable, more wondrous, more frightening. Here we have 18 such worlds, some funny, most dark, many creepy. Innocence has a dark side, and many of these stories will introduce you to it, sideways, sidelong, from the corner of your eye.

Remember how strange the world was when you were a child? Welcome back to that world.

The book contains 18 stories from 18 excellent writers.


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