Of Battle Royales and Rainbow Bracelets

I thought I’d give you a small rundown of what’s going on in the Land of Sparabel!

We’ve just moved house, as you probably know by now, and we’re finding the additional space is doing wonders for our productivity and general mental well-being. Both Adam and I are feeling so much better and as a result we’re both getting a lot more done.

My biggest thing in the last little while has been sorting out all the patron rewards. I’ve managed to order everything, but now I am at the mercy of international shipping, so I am waiting for things to arrive before I can start shipping them all.

If you’re interested in collecting our supporter badges, pop on over and take a look! They’re quite pretty, even if I say so myself. 🙂

Adam has been extremely busy making rainbow bracelets for Fallen Paladin, and getting those shipped out. He’s also discovered Diablo 3, which he’s slightly obsessed with. 😉 He’s been streaming that over on Twitch from time to time.

I’m working on locking in a date for our L20 Battle Royale – trying to organise seven people across multiple timezones is tricky, but I think we’ve got it – I am waiting on one more confirmation and then we can announce it! I’m really excited about that.

It’s nearly August which means preparations for both Wolfenoot Season and Critmas are ramping up. It’s a busy time in this household! September through January is always a bit of a crazy journey, where I usually feel like I am just holding onto a comet trying to more or less direct it the right way. I think I am more prepared this year than usual, though, so hopefully it’ll be slightly more organised.

I have a bunch of books in the wings over at The Raven – just waiting on a few things to fall into place before those will happen.

Right now feels a little bit like that moment where you catch your breath just before you dive, you know? I’m trying to be as prepped as I can, but who knows what this year has in store for us still.

I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe. Thank you so much for coming on this journey with us. We are so grateful for you. <3

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