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The Thirsting Sands

Good morning folks! I missed posting about last weekend’s adventure The Amulet of the Planes, during which our heroes went to the bottom of the ocean, fought some ghost pirates and returned with the item in question. It was a good time. This coming weekend we go the complete opposite way and our adventurers willContinue reading “The Thirsting Sands”

The Infiltrator’s Key

Good morning folks! I am so excited to announce that our series of DND adventure one shots, “The Gallant Horde” starts THIS weekend with The Infiltrator’s Key. Our Lady Bellatrix has enlisted her guild of adventurers to venture into the Forest of Thessapar and retrieve an item known as The Infiltrator’s Key from the hoardContinue reading “The Infiltrator’s Key”

Project JaxTech

When Adam and I moved in together, I had been working off a tiny, ancient laptop. He very kindly let me create a profile on his desktop and install the stuff I needed to make all my projects go. Over the years we’ve shared this machine, I’ve gone from a few comparatively minor things, toContinue reading “Project JaxTech”

The Beginning

Good morning, beloved denizens of the internet! This is something we have been working on for a while. If you know anything about us, you’ll know that we both have a habit of having multiple projects going at one time, and since several of them have taken on lives of their own, we decided itContinue reading “The Beginning”

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