The Lady’s Job Board

The Lady requires assistance with the following items.

The Harpies from the Steaming Cliffs of Hipaua

The Steaming Cliffs of Hipaua are a strange geothermic area of coastline. Somewhere along the cliffs live a clan of Harpies. Our lady would like three of them, alive, for her arena.

The Forest Shrine of Phygen

Deep in the Forests of Mansmiota is a shrine to a Dryad Deity known as Phygen. Very little is known about them, but their shrine is said to contain an artifact of great power on its central altar. The Lady wishes to possess this artifact.

The Druids of Ijala

The Lady’s menagerie grows, and she seeks those skilled in the care and taming of wild things to manage it. The druids of Ijala are famed across the planes for their skill in this field. Travel to Ijala, at the heart of the Nyakamubi Savanna, and convince one of them to return with you to work with the Lady’s menagerie.

A Favour from a Hag

The Lady is owed a favour by Luella Rockknees, a hag who resides in the strange haunted woods of Rabriand. Unable to leave her kingdom, she requires adventurers of tact and diplomacy to find the hag and obtain the favour on her behalf.

A Roc from the Ronsoon Hills

Our Lady would like a living Roc captured and brought to her from the Ronsoon Hills, a cold and arid area deep in the wildnerness

Titania’s Wand

The Lady has heard that Titania’s Wand was lost in the deep woods of the Feywild. She believes it to have fallen into the possession of the Winter Eladrin who reside therein. She desperately covets this item of power. Go forth and obtain it, by trickery, thievery or force.

Please contact our Master of Games to apply for any of these jobs. You must have a party of six adventurers. Party makeup is up to you.

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