The Lady’s Job Board

The Lady requires assistance with the following items.

Novice Missions – Recommended Levels 5-9

The Haunted Orphanage

The Lady has heard of an old abandoned orphanage where a child once lived who had a Cloak of Invisibility. She has reason to believe that the Cloak is still there. There may also be many ghosts, however. She requires some adventurers to enter the haunted orphanage and retrieve the Cloak.

Statues in the Snow

Somewhere in the snow there lies a den of a basilisk. It is littered with the statues of those who have tried to capture or kill it and failed. This ancient monster lurks, turning all those who venture into its home to rock. The Lady would like you to find it and capture it, and also find a particular statue of one of her followers who failed in this mission, and return with both the statue and the living monster.

A Favour from a Hag

The Lady is owed a favour by Luella Rockknees, a hag who resides in the strange haunted woods of Rabriand. Unable to leave her kingdom, she requires adventurers of tact and diplomacy to find the hag and obtain the favour on her behalf.

Ashufa’s Barrows of Fallen Kings

Ashufa is an Efreeti who guards the Barrows of the Fallen Kings of Ililon. Legend has it that these were warrior kings who were buried with all kinds of magical weaponry. The great archer king Hamlin was buried with his bow, a weapon of great precision and magic known simply as the Hawk. The Lady would like to gift this item to her consort, and requires it retrieved.

The Storied Tapestry

A Tapestry hangs in the Ballroom of Drusilla Tasinari, a noblewoman who resides in Amynhil. It depicts the stories of one of the greatest bards in the histories of the worlds. The Lady wishes to possess this Tapestry. She requires a group of adventurers to obtain it for her.

Intermediate Missions – Recommended Levels 10-14

The Amphitheatre of the Arcanaloth

There is an Amphitheatre in the Shadowfell beloved of our Lady. It has become occupied by an Arcanaloth who uses it for his own purposes. Travel to the Amphitheatre and clear it of this scourge and his minions, so that the Lady may magically return it to its proper location.

Virix the Okay

There is a goliath paladin of Talos who rules an Empire he calls “The Empire of Nearly Everything”. His one goal is to extend it to everywhere. The Lady does not approve of his plans of conquest and wishes to send a group of assassins to remove him from power.

The Bath House of Tazith

The demon Tazith has captured an ally of the Lady’s: the mermaid princess Undina. Tazith has her captured in his demonic bath-house in the Abyss. Travel there to find and rescue Undina and return with her safely.

In Search of Elementals

There is a box containing four elemental shards in a cave in the mountains of Vallara. They are guarded by elementals of various kinds. The Lady would like this box of shards to add to her collection of items. Steal them from their elemental guards.

Please contact our Master of Games to apply for any of these jobs. You must have a party of six adventurers. Party makeup is up to you.

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