The Lady’s Job Board

The Lady requires assistance with the following items.

A Howler from the Thirsting Sands

The Thirsting Sands is a desert full of strange monsters and dangers. Our lady requires you to capture and bring her a howler from this inhospitable place.

Fire Giant – from Hinli’s Chasm

Hinli’s Chasm is a strange cave system that descends into the Underdark. A brave party is required to go into it and return with a living Fire Giant.

The Amulet of the Planes.

Our Lady requires the Amulet of the Planes. The last known owner of the amulet was the pirate Ophelia Nightwind who went down with her ship in the Gulf of Harrosen. The party will need to go into the ocean, find the wreckage of the ship, and retrieve the amulet.

Carpet of Flying.

An acolyte of the Lady owned a Carpet of Flying which was stolen. It is known to currently be in the home of the renowned bandit king Carlisle the Whisper in the city of Arkmery. Break into Carlisle’s home and retrieve the Lady’s acolyte’s carpet.

An Ice Troll from the Wastes of Rasavain

Our Lady would like a living Ice Troll captured and brought to her from the Wastes of Rasavain – an Arctic, snowy wasteland in the North.

The Infiltrator’s Key

Retrieve the Infiltrator’s Key from the hoard of the green dragon, Irimai the Emerald Doom in the Forest of Thessapar. The Dragon is a young dragon, so shouldn’t pose too much threat for a suitable party.

Please contact our Master of Games to apply for any of these jobs. You must have a party of six adventurers. Party makeup is up to you.

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