The Gallant Horde

The Gallant Horde is a guild of adventurers who do jobs acquiring items and creatures for the Lady Bellatrix’s Arena. An adventurer must be Level 5 to begin their rise through the ranks of The Horde. Each job you complete gives you another level. Our Lady will also reward you as she sees fit with gold and boons.

If you wish to join, please email us with a completed level 5 D&D 5e character sheet. Please include an image of your character if you have one. You may include one uncommon magical item. Please also include your Discord username. If you are not already in our Discord, you can join us here.

Joining will gain you access to our Discord channel, where you will be able to liaise with other Gallant Horde members in order to put parties together to take jobs.

Current Members

Aelen Torrel – Sea Elf Artificer (Level 5)

Played by Kevin Sieswerda

Aelen is a sea elf exiled from his people who has gotten into the habit of hiding his identity behind his armour. Now he’s out to make a name for himself to prove to himself and his people that he doesn’t need them.

Str 9 | Dex 16 | Con 14 | Int 18 | Wis 14 | Cha 12

Jobs completed: None so far

Eclipsis – Drow Paladin

Played by Megan Frisina

Eclipsis grew up loving the thrill of a fight. She challenged anyone and anything to fight whenever she could. Eventually, her thirst for violence angered the wrong people and she was banished from her hometown. Now she travels the world and goes around finding local battles to win under the name The Moonlit Slayer.

Str 18 | Dex 10 | Con 14 | Int 10 | Wis 10 | Cha 14

Jobs completed: None so far

Fianna Greymark – Human Gloomstalker Ranger (Level 5)

Played by Tiffiny Hagan

Fianna is a member of the Greymark family/clan, a family known for their monster hunting skills. She’s maybe not the most charismatic, but she is good in a fight.

Str 13 | Dex 15 | Con 14 | Int 11 | Wis 14 | Cha 9

Jobs completed: None so far

Murmur – Air Genasi Paladin (Level 5)

Played by Jacqui Philips

Str 13 | Dex 14 | Con 18 | Int 13 | Wis 11 | Cha 15

Jobs completed: None so far

Wasitum – Gnome Druid (Level 5)

Played by Lionel Blessig

Wasitum isn’t exactly “socially skilled”. He doesn’t hate people, he likes them – all of them! Also flowers. And mushrooms, and tomato Sauce. He doesn’t have much of an attention span. This made it hard to get on with other gnomes, so he embraced his inner wild and left to become one with nature and animals. But now it’s time to go back to the world and try to live in it. Plus, the honey badger kicked him out.

Str 12 | Dex 11 | Con 14 | Int 14 | Wis 16 | Cha 8

Jobs completed: None so far

Zinkayla – Firbolg Druid (Level 5)

Played by Jennifer Putnam

Zinkayla is a very shy girl from a firbolg tribe that lives in a forest. She loves all aspects of nature and wants to help maintain the natural balance in anyway she can. She has a hard time opening up to people because of living to secluded and doesn’t understand most normal social interactions. 

Str 11 | Dex 13 | Con 14 | Int 12 | Wis 19 | Cha 8

Jobs completed: None so far

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