The Gallant Horde

The Gallant Horde is a guild of adventurers who do jobs acquiring items and creatures for the Lady Bellatrix’s Arena. An adventurer must be Level 5 to begin their rise through the ranks of The Horde. Each job you complete gives you another level. Our Lady will also reward you as she sees fit with gold and boons.

If you wish to join, please:

Step 1: Create a D&D 5e Level 5 character.
You may use any stats generation you like, but if you roll high, I may ask for pictures, so remember to take shots of your dice. ;P I’m open to strange and wonderful variants, but if you’re using something obscure, maybe check in with me first. Your equipment should be starting equipment plus ONE UNCOMMON MAGICAL ITEM of your choice.
Step 2: Join our discord, if you haven’t already.
Step 3: Create art for said character. (Hero Forge‘s new colour mini gadget is really good for this! Just make the character and screenshot it, and then if you want an actual mini down the line, you already have one designed!)
Step 4: Send us an email with your character sheet, your art and your Discord Username so we can put you in our Gallant Horde channel. Please also include a couple of sentences introducing your character, a short tagline for your real life self, and a headshot of yourself.

Joining will gain you access to our Discord channel, where you will be able to liaise with other Gallant Horde members in order to put parties together to take jobs.

Current Members

Hela Retasfugyu – Dragonborn Sorcerer (Level 9)

Played by Jamie Fraser

Hela comes from a clan of powerful wizards, but was born with no wizard skills; instead she has the innate power of a sorcerer. This ostracised her from her clan members. She now travels the lands as a mercenary available to any with the coin to hire her.

Str 8 | Dex 10 | Con 13 | Int 16 | Wis 12 | Cha 18

Jobs completed: The Infiltrator’s Key; The Amulet of the Planes; The Thirsting Sands; Hinli’s Chasm

Jobin “Lucky” Goodbarrel – Halfling Rogue (Level 9)

Played by Jeremy Erwin

Jobin is a clever halfling with a good sense of humor.  “Lucky” as his friends have called him, can be quite persuasive when he needs, so keep a hand on your coins if you have a little more than you need.  He has dabbled in the arcane and looking for varied group of adventures to find magic and treasure!   All the while keeping an eye over one shoulder watching out for his past.

Str 11 | Dex 20 | Con 16 | Int 16 | Wis 10 | Cha 14

Jobs completed: The Amulet of the Planes; The Thirsting Sands; Hinli’s Chasm; The Flying Carpet

Naia Hwanu-Na’ring – Firbolg Cleric (Level 9)

Played by Krisi Erwin

Naia is a Firbolg guardian of a unicorn herd near Neverwinter. The goddesses Meilikki and Lurue turned her into a Twilight Domain Cleric and sent her out to avenge the death of unicorn that was murdered in cold blood! She and her badger friend, Helga, often join other adventuring bands, hoping to find shiny items to turn into jewelry. She loves to show off her unicorn spiritual weapon and guardians to friends and foes alike!

Str 14 | Dex 14 | Con 16 | Int 15 | Wis 20 | Cha 10

Jobs completed: The Amulet of the Planes, The Thirsting Sands; Hinli’s Chasm; The Flying Carpet

Eclipsis – Drow Paladin (Level 8)

Played by Megan Frisina

Eclipsis grew up loving the thrill of a fight. She challenged anyone and anything to fight whenever she could. Eventually, her thirst for violence angered the wrong people and she was banished from her hometown. Now she travels the world and goes around finding local battles to win under the name The Moonlit Slayer.

Str 18 | Dex 10 | Con 14 | Int 10 | Wis 10 | Cha 14

Jobs completed: The Infiltrator’s Key; The Amulet of the Planes; Hinli’s Chasm

Bombah – Tortle Wizard (Level 7)

Played by Brandon Crum

Bombah is an elderly tortle who is a practitioner of the arcane arts.  Specializing in the arts of divination and necromancy he is both respected and feared in his village.  In his long life he has seen many things that would strike fear into the souls of others.  Nearing the end of his life he now seeks out the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything.

Str 8 | Dex 10 | Con 17 | Int 18 | Wis 10 | Cha 13

Jobs Completed: The Infiltrator’s Key, The Thirsting Sands

Miz – Tiefling Sorcerer/Rogue (Level 7)

Played by Leslie

Miz, or Misery, was abandoned young by her mother.
She found her place in a smuggling crew and the leader, Sylas, helped to coax out the magic in her veins. She rose quickly through the ranks and was able to start taking on some of the most dangerous, but profitable, smuggling jobs.
She loved the sea, but was forced to resign from her position as the first mate of her ship, the Squalor, when Sylas went missing, taking much of their loot with him.
Now she’s on a journey to find Sylas and get her revenge, and make some coin along the way to put towards getting a ship and smuggling circuit of her own one day.

Str 10 | Dex 14 | Con 12 | Int 13 | Wis 13 | Cha 18

Jobs completed: The Thirsting Sands; Hinli’s Chasm

Murmur – Air Genasi Paladin (Level 7)

Played by Jacqui Philips

Str 13 | Dex 14 | Con 18 | Int 13 | Wis 11 | Cha 15

Jobs completed: The Amulet of the Planes; The Flying Carpet

Zinkayla – Firbolg Druid (Level 7)

Played by Jennifer Putnam

Zinkayla is a very shy girl from a firbolg tribe that lives in a forest. She loves all aspects of nature and wants to help maintain the natural balance in anyway she can. She has a hard time opening up to people because of living to secluded and doesn’t understand most normal social interactions. 

Str 11 | Dex 13 | Con 14 | Int 12 | Wis 19 | Cha 8

Jobs completed: The Infiltrator’s Key, The Thirsting Sands

Alaina – High Elf Rogue (Level 6)

Played by Griffin Ess

Alaina was born to a noble Sun Elf household that fell apart under corruption claims. While she was well raised and had a fantastic early education in the arcane traditions, her parents were imprisoned and the family wealth and property stripped away. She was adopted by a servant who had been raising a tiefling twin sister Alaina didn’t know she had. They bonded, surviving through criminality, and eventually went out into the world to rediscover their place in it. Alaina’s sister, Eleira, has performed at the convenience of Lady Bellatrix in the past but is not available to answer this call, so Alaina shall serve in her stead.

Str 8 | Dex 16 | Con 15 | Int 19 | Wis 12 | Cha 14

Jobs Completed: Hinli’s Chasm

Ardbeg Bruichladdich – Half-elf Fighter (Level 6)

Played by Will Thompson

Ardbeg is a former soldier; he grew up an orphan. During his formative years he was drafted to the army to avoid a criminal sentence. He defected from the army during a crushing defeat in battle, barely escaping with his life . From then he has chosen a life of anonymity roaming various lands. He uses his skills to earn gold, his gold to buy vices, the vices he needs to help him forget.

Str 16 | Dex 10 | Con 16 | Int 10 | Wis 10 | Cha 13

Jobs completed: The Flying Carpet

Greth – Githzerai Monk (Level 6)

Played by Matthew Smith

Greth is a Githzerai monk who was raised by his mother in an isolated monastery.  One day his mother told him he had a sister named Reanth, who was raised among the Githyanki.  He sought his sister out after deciding he wanted to know her.  Since he would be killed if he went to live among the Githyanki, and she was not welcome at his monastery, they decided to travel elsewhere for a bit.

Str 14 | Dex 18 | Con 16 | Int 15 | Wis 20 | Cha 8

Jobs completed: The Flying Carpet

Morwen Starshine – Eladrin Sorcerer (Level 6)

Played by Kit Kingsley

Morwen grew up in a small Elven village, always feeling different due to her silver scales, courtesy of her dragon ancestry. When her village was destroyed by an unknown creature, leaving it ablaze, she sought answers in research and arcane study. She travels to libraries and research facilities, sometimes alone, sometimes with companions, seeking an answer to the mystery. She can usually be found with her nose in a book and a drink in her hand.

Str 11 | Dex 14 | Con 14 | Int 13 | Wis 10 | Cha 16

Jobs completed: The Amulet of the Planes

Reanth – Githyanki Fighter (Level 6)

Played by Nicole Campos

Reath is a Githyanki Psi-Warrior who was taken from her mother, a Githzerai, and raised by her single father within the Githyanki lands.  She was told of a sibling left behind, Greth, a Githzerai Monk. 

Str 19 | Dex 12 | Con 14 | Int 16 | Wis 10 | Cha 9

Jobs completed: The Flying Carpet

Saeridyn – Wood Elf Monk (Level 6)

Played by Kilnard Skye

Saeridyn joined the Forest Protectors at a young age, not being one very accomplished at education nor strong enough for field work.  His natural mobility and slight frame quickly got him placed within the Scouts and Skirmishers, a swift initial contact team meant to establish battlelines while the main forces of the Forest Protectors could move in to support them.  After serving with the SAS for many years, Saeridyn retired from his position and now makes his way as a bow for hire, quite content to leave the full pitched battles to the past and seeking to help in what small ways he can. 

Str 10 | Dex 18 | Con 14 | Int 8 | Wis 16 | Cha 10

Jobs completed: The Infiltrator’s Key

Wasitum – Gnome Druid (Level 6)

Played by Lionel Blessig

Wasitum isn’t exactly “socially skilled”. He doesn’t hate people, he likes them – all of them! Also flowers. And mushrooms, and tomato Sauce. He doesn’t have much of an attention span. This made it hard to get on with other gnomes, so he embraced his inner wild and left to become one with nature and animals. But now it’s time to go back to the world and try to live in it. Plus, the honey badger kicked him out.

Str 12 | Dex 11 | Con 14 | Int 14 | Wis 16 | Cha 8

Jobs completed: The Infiltrator’s Key

Aelen Torrel – Sea Elf Artificer (Level 5)

Played by Kevin Sieswerda

Aelen is a sea elf exiled from his people who has gotten into the habit of hiding his identity behind his armour. Now he’s out to make a name for himself to prove to himself and his people that he doesn’t need them.

Str 9 | Dex 16 | Con 14 | Int 18 | Wis 14 | Cha 12

Jobs completed: None so far

Baeshra – Lizardfolk Circle of the Land Druid (Level 5)

Played by Lacey Scherer

Baeshra grew up in a tiny village on the northern edge of the Great Forest. One of many in her tribe, she has a natural affinity for nature and animals. Most Lizardfolk try to keep away from the human and elven villages nearby. Baeshra liked to watch them and interact with the children, who never seemed to be afraid of her.

Str 13 | Dex 14 | Con 14 | Int 10 | Wis 18 | Cha 8

Jobs completed: None so far

Dahlia “Deadeye” Flynn – Air Genasi Tempest Cleric (Level 5)

Played by Brittany Inkpen

Dahlia “Deadeye” Flynn grew up on the water, and has become a good luck symbol for many sailors, especially if they are followers of the Stormlord. She is fiercely loyal to every crew she joins, yet is a complete softy when it comes to anything else. 

Str 8 | Dex 14 | Con 16 | Int 8 | Wis 18 | Cha 10

Jobs Completed: None so far

Fianna Greymark – Human Gloomstalker Ranger (Level 5)

Played by Tiffiny Hagan

Fianna is a member of the Greymark family/clan, a family known for their monster hunting skills. She’s maybe not the most charismatic, but she is good in a fight.

Str 13 | Dex 15 | Con 14 | Int 11 | Wis 14 | Cha 9

Jobs completed: None so far

Flanagan O’Reilly – Halfling Wizard (Level 5)

Played by Kenneth Hughes

Flanagan is a family man, and a good wizard. He is an adventurer when not playing with his children and grandchildren. He passes the time by entertaining his neighbours with spectacles and light shows.

Str 10 | Dex 17 | Con 16 | Int 20 | Wis 15 | Cha 14

Jobs completed: None so far

Harper Teoth – Human Wizard (Level 5)

Played by Alex Simmons

Harper Teoth grew up in libraries, and treated magic like a toy – to be pushed, pulled, and stretched to its very limits. Having left the only home they’ve ever known behind, Harper seeks power and influence, above all else. Whether their cause is noble or otherwise is still unclear, but the shackles that still adorn their wrists and ankles serve as a reminder of the cruelty that could be levied against another.

Str 10 | Dex 13 | Con 16 | Int 19 | Wis 12 | Cha 12

Jobs completed: None so far

Jaida Correla – Protector Aasimar Warlock (Level 5)

Played by Locknestra

Jaida’s parentage is of the celestial variety, and that same celestial has bestowed upon her wonderful gifts of magic! If she’s in a good mood, she’ll likely help out, and whatnot, but… you know… maybe not if it’s going to ruin her manicure…

Str 10 | Dex 12 | Con 14 | Int 8 | Wis 14 | Cha 19

Jobs completed: None so far

Reynard J. Goodfellow – Satyr Bard (Level 5)

Played by Dustin Hertel

An old friend once said that Reynard Goodfellow can talk himself into a hundred different kinds of trouble, and back out of ninety-nine. The remaining one? Well, that’s what brought him to the Gallant Horde. When you’re not much of a fighter, it’s good to have strong people at your back when his sort of hijinks backfire. That’s not to say he’s completely useless once swords and arrows start to fly, he just prefers to play a supporting role… from behind some sturdy cover.

Str 8 | Dex 16 | Con 14 | Int 10 | Wis 12 | Cha 19

Jobs completed: None so far

Zari – Tiefling Artificer (Level 5)

Played by Victoria Mcilquham

Zari was born in a port town, and ran off to join a sailing crew as soon as she was able. She worked on a sailing ship, tinkering with anything she could find. One day, they were attacked by pirates and the rest of the crew was killed or lost. Shipwrecked, she floated on a raft for days until she was rescued by another ship. She is now slightly lost as she does not know where to go from here. 

Str 13 | Dex 15 | Con 14 | Int 17 | Wis 10 | Cha 18

Jobs completed: None so far

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