The Arena

The Arena d’Bellatrix Accipiterque is a place for warriors, mages, bard and adventurers to prove their prowess and cunning and vie for the title of Champion.

It is currently between battle seasons, and our Lady is on the hunt for new items and creatures to use in the next season. She needs your help to attain these things!

Join her guild of adventurers, and then take a look at her job board and if one of the tasks suits you, gather a party of Level 5 adventurers to try and complete her mission.

Job board adventures will take the form of one shots streamed on Saturday mornings at 10am NZT in the usual Arena timeslot (dates to be arranged with each party). For every mission you complete, you will gain one level and some sort of reward, to be decided by the Lady.

In order to participate in these adventures, and prove your worth to the Bellatrix, you must join her Guild of Adventures, known as The Gallant Horde. Anyone can join, and begin their journey through the ranks. Joining will gain you access to the private channel in our Discord server so that you can interact with other guild members and form parties for adventures.

Join the Gallant Horde

See the Job Board

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