Announcing our Loyalty Badges

Good morning beautiful humans of the internet!

It may look like not much has been happening here at Sparabel headquarters, but I have been squirrelling away at a super exciting project, and I am so thrilled to finally be in a position to implement it.

For the longest time, I have been trying to come up with a cool way to thank, acknowledge and reward the people who support us on our various Patreons. We have a Patreon for pretty much every branch of Sparabel, and I wanted something that would let us tie those communities together a bit more, and give them something tangible as evidence of our gratitude.

I eventually came up with a system of loyalty badges. In essence, they operate much like badges do in games – in fact, I will say that they were quite heavily inspired by the Ingress badges, though I would like to think I have given them my own spin. Here’s how it works.

Each Patreon project has its own base badge.

By simply becoming a patron, you get access to the badge tree. The longer you remain a patron, the more variations you will accumulate.

I’ve divided the variations into three categories:

  • Chromatic: The first six badges are the chromatic badges, and you receive them over the first two years of your patronage. Each one has a different coloured border. I don’t really want to show you these, because I want it to be a surprise for patrons.
  • Metallic: The second set of six badges are the metallic badges. You receive them between your two year anniversary and your five year anniversary. As with the above, they each have a different metallic border.
  • Legendary: The third set of six badges are legendary. They are, I hope, a bit trickier to predict, but I will say that they include some really very cool variations! You receive these between your fifth year anniversary and your tenth.

Should we begin to hit that tenth year badge, I will come up with a fourth set. Or something else to celebrate people who have been with us that long.

You get the digital badges no matter at what level you support us. $1 thrown in each coffer will get you all seven.

HOWEVER, if you support us at higher levels, the form the badges take get more interesting.

I am a nerd, and so I could not resist making Latin versions of each of the badges. If you are a nerd like me, you can opt into receiving either the Latin, or, if you can’t decide, both. It’ll cost you slightly more, but it’s so damn cool.

And, in case you’re worried, I have a wonderful friend who is a trained Classicist, and she very kindly helped me with the Latin Translations. So they are expert approved. 😉

Each one comes with either the feminine or masculine form for “official supporter” in Latin, or you can choose the gender neutral one which has only the name of the project. Alas, Latin is not great for gender neutral language, so this was the only way I could achieve this.

But I’m already a patron! Do I have to start from scratch?

All existing patrons will receive a legacy package over the next month or two that will contain everything that they have already earned. This means that the one person who has been my patron on the Bardic Inspiration project for three and a half years already, will be getting a pretty amazing package from me in due course. I will be in touch with all patrons over the next little while about this.

Other perks

All patrons will also get access to a special patrons only channel in our Sparabel discord. We’ll be doing occasional video/voice chats in there, and hanging out, and doing AMAs and suchlike. I will also be using that space to give Patrons early access to content, titbits of information, and suchlike that they will get exclusively.

Anyone can join the discord, but to be in that channel, you will have to be a patron on at least one of our projects.

We’ll also keep sending postcards out to anyone at a $10+ level on a monthly basis.

Future expansions

I have plans to create special badges for people who support us in other ways – moderators, angels in the CG community, subscribers/followers on Twitch, and so forth. I have many ideas! This will take time though. Keep an eye out for developments.

Want in?

Just click on the badges you’d like to earn and become a patron!

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