About Us

About Sparabel

Sparabel is a duo of content creators in New Zealand. Jax and Adam both have a habit of making things, picking up projects and creating communities.

Together, they are creating a space for the reading of classic literature, the blowing up of zombies, the occasional soapbox, the taming of Muffalos, and a vast array of projects and passions. Plus, whatever else takes their fancy. We look forward to spending time with you!

Jax (aka Bel) is best known for accidentally stumbling onto big projects that snowball quickly. Variously on the internet, she is known as the WolfMom (to the Wolfenati), The Cheese of Unusual Size (to the Critter Gifting community) and generally a purveyor of beautiful books, political rants, hot takes and pictures of cute animals. She loves literature, ballet and bad pop music.

Adam (aka Sparahawk) is a maker, crafter, gamer. He creates beautiful chain mail jewelry and has a penchant for going down rabbit holes of wild ideas that occasionally manifest into cool crafts. He paints miniatures. He is also a gamer, and enjoys Rimworld, Rust, Runescape and the like. He is very fond of robots, ducks and D&D.

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